Platform 4.0

Instead of spending a lot of time looking for job centers, just one smartphone, in less than a minute, with 365 Home Services, you can find a maid, a tutor, a plumber or any other family service quickly and conveniently.

Users only need to go to the App Store or Google Play to download the application, then fill in the address information and select the services they need, 365 Home Services will display the information of the service providers in full, by name, contact information for operation at 365 Home Services as well as reviews by other users about the service provider. Not only can 365 Home Services allow display of the price of each service provider, allowing users to easily compare, evaluate and select the appropriate provider.

For businesses, up to 45% of the cost of transportation services, which is the direct impact from the price of petrol to the type of passenger transportation business and goods. Therefore, the problem of fuel consumption management is always the most practical problem, the most difficult for the transport business today.

Not only businesses but individuals still want to manage their own car expenses quickly and easily.

So how to check the number, the amount and timing of the grant, the amount of oil currently, the amount of gasoline consumption … of the means?

With 365 Fuel, you can track refueling and maintenance services, create reports, and set reminders of important events for your vehicle.

Especially, 365 Group provides 365 Fuel Management application free of charge. Users just need to go to the App Store or Google Play to download the application, fill in the fields of information about the type of media you are using, 365 Fuel will help you manage, track the use of fuel in the most effective way.

365 Rent Car is an application that connects customers with car owners across the country. 365 Rent Car features a unique and easy-to-use interface that can help users find, book, and pay for car rental online quickly.

It does not take long to find information about car rental on Google, on the website of the car or from experienced car rental. No more time to call, ask for quotes, and compare car rental rates. It will take a few days to find the car and complete the car rental procedures.

Users can find and rent cars from 4 to 45 seats of many models from medium to luxury. Services meet the needs of car rental with the ability to travel or monthly to shuttle staff, shuttle VIPs, airport shuttle, business trips, travel events, travel, team-building, back home , weddings, etc.

In addition, the price listed on the 365 Rent Car is not the reference price but the actual price charged based on the route that the customer provides. The more detailed the route, the more accurate the car rental calculation system.

Pioneering the development of car rental applications, 365 Group has demonstrated their prowess when coordinated with the construction partners to use. We are focusing on perfecting the organization to ensure the quality of services, bringing products to a large number of Vietnamese users, towards the achievement of higher milestone in the future.

With the goal of becoming the leading online buying and selling market in Vietnam, 365 Click to Sell continuously improves and improves the technology infrastructure, allowing buyers and sellers to connect and trade securely and easily. Easy in a convenient and clear environment.

Each of us has products that can be sold. Besides keeping the product out of the home, anyone can make more money by selling it to others through 365 Click to Sell.

All product categories have over 365 Click to Sell. From the search for homes, cars, used electronics to pets, home services. The aim of 365 Click to Sell is to provide Vietnamese an online platform for use in a simple, convenient and hassle-free way. With just a few simple operations, users are able to submit their product information to those who are in need.

Products that you do not need can still be valuable to others. Do not hesitate to submit your product information now!

365 Click to sell – buy from people who are bored, sell to people need!

Want to buy a genuine item abroad but do not have time to learn as well as do complex procedures? You are wondering, how can you sit at home and ask someone to help you? And how to buy goods abroad in the fastest, simple, safe and convenient way with the lowest service cost?

Simply, 365 Travel Ship will help you solve the problem. 365 Travel Ship allows you to connect people who are in need of buying goods with individuals traveling on business or traveling abroad. Using the 365 Travel Ship service, with just a simple click, merchandise from around the world will appear right in front of you, giving you the opportunity to use quality products without the hassle.

Not only that, 365 Travel Ship also connects people who have demand for Visa, Passport abroad with service providers faster and more convenient than ever.

With the 365 Travel Ship service, you only need to provide the information you need products, services you need, 365 Travel Ship will help you make from A – Z.