“Đường lên đỉnh Olympia” is a televised quiz program for high school students that has been running since 1999. With over 16 seasons aired, the program has consistently been listed among reputable television shows, attracting attention from the media and gaining the love of Vietnamese audiences. Each season includes 53 episodes (36 weekly competitions, 12 monthly competitions, 4 quarterly competitions, and 1 annual final competition to determine the champion). The program is currently recording its 18th season.

Chu Quang Trường (a student from Nguyen Chi Thanh High School, Ho Chi Minh City) excellently won the second quarter’s laurel wreath in the “Road to Mount Olympia” program in 2018, bringing the live broadcast back to Ho Chi Minh City.

Chu Quang Trường’s qualification for this year’s final competition has impressed many due to his broad knowledge, the courage of this student, as well as his excellent proficiency in English. This serves as additional motivation for students from other schools, encouraging students, whether from non-specialized or specialized schools, to hope that they can participate and achieve impressive results on the “Road to Mount Olympia.”

The service “COD Delivery” is the first safe and professional cash-on-delivery service in Vietnam. “COD Delivery” always accompanies social community activities, especially in education. “COD Delivery,” along with the school administration and supporters from Nguyen Chi Thanh High School, is honored to accompany Chu Quang Trường with the desire to provide additional strength and determination for him to complete all the program’s challenges and reach the final and highest peak on the path of knowledge that he has been pursuing.

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