In today’s modern life, the process of globalization has been going on strongly in the world in general and in Vietnam in particular. With the strong development of the real estate market in Vietnam, 365 Group with strong financial strength, professional staff, enthusiasm, we gradually greate our position in the market as well as in the real estate market in Vietnam. We are proud to bring customers the projects, products with the best quality to impress deeply in the customer.

365 Group’s success in the real estate sector is its product quality, service and business ethics. All of this is considered as a solid foundation for the company to develop in the long term, creating absolute trust for customers and partners.

Not only that, with the belief that customer trust is the destination of success. 365 Group has been cooperating with domestic and foreign strategic partners such as Sotetsu, Vinasun, VJBC, Hankyu, etc.

Sotetsu Holdings is one of the leading corporations in Japan, operating in a multi-disciplinary field – multi-disciplinary. 365 Group has been cooperating with Sotesu Group in major real estate projects in Vietnam to provide customers with the best quality projects.

Not only known to be one of the leading taxi brands in Vietnam, Vinasun is currently cooperating with 365 Group to implement many high-end real estate projects to become one of the active enterprises, multi-field in Vietnam.

VJBM is one of the leading Japanese real estate development and consulting companies. This is one of the leading strategic partners of 365 Group in the field of real estate to bring the best value to its customers.

Hankyu is one of the multidisciplinary groups, located in Osaka – Japan. With more than 100 years of experience in the real estate field, this is considered one of the important partners, contributing to support 365 Group development in the past.